Valpolicella Classico Superiore Doc

valpolicella classico superiore doc

50% Corvina, 25% Corvinone, 15% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Oseleta.

The selected grapes are pressed after over one month of storage, at the beginning of November. The grapes Gastronomicalthrough a process of fermentation and maceration of 15-20 days at a controlled temperature.
Then they are put in oak barrels for 24-36 months.

Bottle: Lt. 0,75
Alcohol grade: 13,5%
Acidity: g/l 5,55
Reducing sugars: g/l 1,2

Colour, Bouquet, Taste:
It is nicely structured, supported by high alchol grade. The color is a strong ruby red, and the taste is well balanced. The scent is intense and reminds us of black cherry and red fruits.
This is certainly a valpolicella with plenty of character, elegant, clean, fragrant.

Gastronomical advice:
The harmonious bouquet, the fresh and dry taste make this wine a perfect companium through-out the whole meal.

Service temperature: 18°

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