is a land
in the heart
of the Valpolicella

is a sunny,

The vineyards,
the conservatory
and the wine cellar
are a few steps
from the thousand
year old stones
of the Romanesque
Parish church
of San Floriano.

The cradle shape,
the micro-climate
that envelopes it,
the ancient stones
that generate
and support it

are the aspects
that qualify
the uniqueness
of its vineyards,
its grapes
and its wine.
Wine, nature's creation:
the vineyards, the sun, the rain, the wind, the earth, the stones,
give us grapes,
and from those grapes, time and Man, for once in harmony,
create l'amarone della Valpolicella,
a gift to the soul and a blessing from heaven.

Renzo Rubinelli