Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Docg

recioto della valpolicella classico docg

Varietal: 50%Corvina, 25% Corvinone, 15% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Oseleta
Cultivation: 50% Pergola veronese, 50% Guyot
Soil composition: Limestone, tufa, clay

The upper more airy parts, the so-called “recie“ (ears) of the more sparse bunches, selected by hand, are laid in the trays and set in the drying loft to rest for few months. During this time the natural drying process takes place.

The slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature is followed by ageing first in steel then in small oak barrels and finally in bottle.

Alcohol: 14,5% vol
Total acidity: 8,25 g/l
Reducing sugars: 92,40 g/l

Purple red with intense ruby reflections; in certain rare years it could remain impenetrable to the eye like a deep purple ink.

Smells offer themselves slowly in surprising stages. It caresses, conquers and enhances the nose. It is like walking on a carpet of roses, violets and violas petals. Intriguing hints of ripe fruits: sour cherry, strawberry, currant, prune, raspberry, blackberry syrup along with notes of date and fig. Smoked locust wood, resins, tobacco and spices take a leading role: black pepper, cloves, juniper, cocoa, tamarind, vanilla and cinnamon with a spicy touch and silky tannins.

It stands out for its consistency especially in the flavors of fruit. Extremely pleasant and balanced, gently harmonious and never too sweet, delicately tannic. Fleshly texture in which we find the taste of elegant jams and sour cherries. A persistent harmony of flavors to be remembered for a long time. At the end, a subtle astringent note, of grape skin, live freshness fixing, as a natural and awaited conclusion, the background sweetness generously offered. In the same way we do not want to forget a nice dream just finished....the second glass refills itself. Tonic as a trickle of molten ruby.

Food pairing:
Perfect with very mature, strong flavored or veined cheeses. Favorite as dessert wine. Particularly suitable for tarts, almond cantucci cookies, extra dark chocolate. Excellent especially pure as aperitif before dinner or as a sweet closing note after dinner. A meditation wine. Sweet quintessence of the land, ancient hospitality wine known since Roman time, it is a timeless nectar to be savored in any special moment of life in particular in the company of the angel that is an expected or unexpected guest knocking at the door.

Bottle: 0,5 L
Serving temperature: 12 - 15° C

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