Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Pianeto

extra vergine di oliva "PIANETO"

Varietal: 50% Grignano, 15% Favarol (native), 10% Leccino, 10% Frantoio, 10% Moraiolo, 5% Pendolino

Soil composition:
Limestone, tufa, clay. The typical composition of the soil ensures the uniqueness of the fruits.

Olive groves altitude:
Between 100 and 200 meters. With the exception of the temperate and mild climate of Garda lake where olive trees reach Riva del Garda, there are no olive plants to the north of Valpolicella, the natural northern boundary. These plants fight for their lives during the winters and always survive in extreme climate conditions. This is why the product of these heroic olive trees is a true health elixir.

Cultivation: Traditional

By hand.
Accurate selection of the olives hand picked in the family groves.

Continuous cycle. One of the secrets of the excellent quality, exquisite taste and low acidity (even up to 0,1%) is the pressing done with traditional milling techniques performed only few hours after the harvest.

Average acidity:
Less than 0,2%

The deep yellow green color of chlorophyll

"It opens to the nose with hints of fresh grass and tomato leaves".
"Tomato, flowers, apple, almond." Gambero Rosso, oils of Italy

Delicate taste with hints of fresh grass. Slightly spicy to the taste it releases elegant notes of lemon rind: a gift of the native Grignano olives. " To the taste it has distinct herbal notes along with mint and basil ending in harmony with bitter and spice". Gambero Rosso, Oils of Italy.

Food pairing:
Lightly fruity, never overcoming the taste of food, even the most delicate, but able to enhance each character with its fresh and herbal note. It enriches all kind of dishes. Excellent raw in order to bring out all its properties.

Bottle: 0,5 L

Extra virgin olive oil with unique features. It received several prizes and in recent years it has been the only olive oil of Valpolicella Classica to be recorded by the Gambero Rosso guide of the Italian oils.

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